Woman on Bike with Spinergy Wheels

Spinergy was kind of a big deal in the 90’s. If you’re an OG you probably remember when PBO spoke technology was first introduced, but that was before my time. I googled images of Spinergy wheels from the 90’s and came across an amazingly over-the-top image of Mario Cipollini. There he was, standing shirtless in front of a Mercedes and a Harley Davidson proudly holding his Stars and Stripes Cannondale CAAD with Spinergy four-spoke wheels over his head—iconic! The four-spoke wheel was eventually banned by the UCI and the brand disappeared for a while. Well, they’re back and they’re cool! Here’s my take on the wheels.

I currently ride Spinergy Stealth FCC 4.7 47mm depth carbon clinchers and I must admit I am impressed with their comfort, handling and responsiveness! Let’s talk specs first:

  • Spokes: Aero Bladed PBO spokes are laced radial in front wheel (16 ct.) and radial + 2-cross in the rear (20ct.)Spinergy Wheels
  • Hubs: Their custom-made QR, aluminum CNC machined hubs are compatible with a 12mm thru axle (also 15mm on front) and yes, disc hubs are also and option!
  • Hub free-body is designed in-house using HADLEY aluminum
  • Dimensions: External rim width/depth: 24mm/47mm
  • Cyclo-cross rated
  • Weight: Ultra light 1,600 g (combined front and rear)
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Oversized, external spoke nipples

In my experience, the quality of these wheels is on par with all the top brands. Most of the riding I do is on open roads, so I cannot say much about how they perform over tough terrain like gravel, but I will say that they are VERY responsive on climbs and accelerations. THEY ARE LIGHT and just looking at them you can tell they are fast! These wheels are aero and the rim depth is perfect for all-around riding/racing, even in the windiest of conditions.

What is PBO? Don’t worry about trying to pronounce “Polyphenylene Bensobisoxazole”; all you need to know is that the PBO spokes are a real game changer. PBO is what gives the wheels a shock-absorbing effect without compromising performance and durability. If you are like me and you ride long distances, PBO will become your best friend. Anything that cuts road vibration adds up to over a long period of time in the saddle, especially for your hands and feet!

Who should buy these wheels? The FCC 4.7’s are for racers and riders who demand the most performance for the money out of their equipment. It’s for those of us who onlywant to buy one nice set of wheels that does it all—one and done! Priced at $1945.00, they aren’t cheap, but also aren’t as expensive as say a set of Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clinchers which run around $2,200. Oh, by the way, USE MY CODE ‘Wattage10’ TO SAVE 10%--THAT’S LIKE $200 (or a new kit)!

I recommend these wheels because of the quality, but, like our friend Cipollini, I too believe in doing everything with style. You can choose from ten different spoke and decal colors including yellow, white, orange, black, gray, purple, green, blue and pink! So choose the color that best suits your bike, choose disc or rim braking and USE MY CODE! I plan to continue my new love affair with Spinergy. Who knows, maybe I’ll write about gravel next, but for now I’m focusing on logging those long days on the open roads. Either way, if you see me fly by on my purple Spinergy wheels, be sure to wave back! Good luck!