HISTORY WITH SPINERGY: My first set of Spinergy wheels were a pair of 26in “Spinergy Spox” that I had on my mountain bike. The last four years I have been using GXX wheels on both of my gravel bikes.

ACCOLADES: Kenda Cup- Top 5 Expert single speed

                     Freedom Fifty- 1st in single speed for 3yrs

                     Racers and Chasers series- 1st in single speed

                     SoCal Endurance Series- 1st in four-person team, 1st in two-person team

                     Freedom Fifty- Top 3 single speed

                     Gravel and Whine Taster- 3rd 2022

                     Stagecoach 400- 2015/16 and 2023

                     Belgian Waffle Ride kUDOs award recipient 2023

A whole slew of other events that I cannot remember or have conveniently forgot.

BIO: I have been riding bikes in some shape or form all my life. I raced BMX as a kid and fell in love with mountain biking as a teenager. For me riding bikes was a way to get outside and explore beyond my neighborhood. I got back into racing in my late 30’s into my 40’s and enjoyed it for about 7 years until I decided I liked riding my bike more than I liked racing it. I started to switch over to longer more adventurous rides and backpacking was an awesome way to do that. Early in 2020 I got my first gravel bike and again was hooked on riding, for me it was the perfect blend. Long rides on mixed terrain with lots of option for adventure.

I am currently a Park Ranger for the San Dieguito River Park where I have worked for the past 24 years. I have taken a lot of my experiences from bike riding and have tried to incorporate those into my work. Having these experiences to pull from has helped me to bridge gaps between the community and those who manage our public lands. In 2013 I created a Mountain Bike Patrol in the park to help patrol the trails, provide help and information to other users, and let park staff know of any maintenance issues. To this day it is still going strong. I have also been lucky enough to be on the ground floor of helping to promote and facilitate grass roots bike racing in San Diego. We have had mountain bike races, cyclocross events, scavenger hunt rides worked with the San Diego Mountain Bike Association hosting the Archipelago Ride and have played host to the Belgian Waffle Ride one of the fist gravel style events for over two decades. Seeing people enjoy themselves on trails I have built and maintained over the years has been awesome!

SPINERGY QUOTE: These wheels are an instant game changer! I ride my gravel bike on some of the roughest, harshest terrain I can find and these wheels have never let me down. In last 4 years they have always taken the abuse and stayed true!

INSTAGRAM: scotlandgravel