Weston and Nolan Elkins




Spinergy GX Max 27.5-wheel set with a Sram XDR driver


This is our first season using products but have been really happy with the GX Max wheel set. It’s enabled us to make the intermediate step before jumping to the larger 29” wheel. We have experienced excellent durability and ease of use with this wheel set. The new “44” hub coupled with the PBO spokes offer a perfect lightweight and affordable combo. We will continue to utilize the GX max 27.5 as a transition to the larger 29” wheel set. In the future we look forward to trying the GXX carbon for a 29” bike build.



3/23  US PRO CUP Vail Lake CA. 3rd place XC boys 11-12

3/19 Team Big Bear Series Vail Lake, Ca. 2nd place XC CAT 3 middle school 

3/5  Team Big Bear Series, Vail Lake Ca.

2nd place XC 6th grade boys

2/5 Team Big Bear Series, Vail Lake, Ca. 3rd place 6th grade boys

1/23 Team Big Bear Series, Vail Lake, Ca. 1st place XC CAT 3 middle school boys

7/20/22 USAC MTB Nationals Winter Park, CO. 2nd place Men’s 9-10

5/22/22  Quick n Dirty Summer Series (8 Race series) Escondido, Ca.

6th overall Schoolboy 12-13

6/17/22  Team Big Bear WSJRL (6 Race series) Vail Lake/Big Bear, Ca.

1st place Boys 10 and under

4/2/22  Completed 50 miles and 5000' of climbing at the SDMBA Archipelago ride.


I've been riding bikes for 6 years now and it’s become my passion. The last 2 years I have been competitive and raced up a class at local events to prepare myself. This year has already been off to a great start with the Team Big Bear series for 2023. look forward to putting a lot of effort into my program and making a name for myself. I know it’s not a conventional thing for a 10-year-old, but I put a lot of emphasis on nutrition and my well-being to maximize my output come race day. Hope to see you at the races soon!



Hello, my name is Weston Elkins and I'm 10 years old. I'm from California and live in a small rural town of San Diego County called Ramona. I'm from a family of 5 with my mom, Dad and 2 younger brothers. I went to a public school until 2nd grade and now I'm currently attending a hybrid program that is homeschool based. When I was 5 years old, I started attending a local Jiu Jitsu gym where I developed a love for individual effort sports. In 2019, I raced my first mtn bike event at a local venue called "Quick n Dirty". Throughout the 2 years of Covid restrictions, I spent a lot of time riding/racing my mtn bike and staying busy at home building dirt jumps in my yard.


“The wheels are light and durable while keeping the weight down for the smaller riders. The GX MAX 27.5 was the perfect match for what we were looking for”