Spinergy Factory Team

The Spinergy Factory Team is for gravel enthusiasts. For riders always on the hunt for new routes. For those who have come to gravel from all cycling disciplines and walks of life. For the grinders who have found their gravel comrades, who meet each other on their off hours to get on the trails and crush dirt followed by cold brews or delicious grub. For all those graveleurs who are looking for the next adventure and willing to cross the country for any ragtag race in any forgotten corner. For the pioneers who are hungry for the next gear upgrade, only to get it covered in dirt and tested it to its limits. We want YOU to put our wheels through every gravel tribulation you can think of and come back and tell us how they held up—how they held up to YOUR grit!


Application Deadline: 


Your deliverables (what we ask of you):

  • Ride Spinergy wheels
  • Share your Spinergy pride by wearing our kits.
  • Represent and promote Spinergy on and offline.
  • Learn about PBO Power and the technology behind it.
  • Participate in multiple events per year.
  • Be active on social media and interact with our Instagram @ridespinergy.
  • Update us with photos, videos, and personal accomplishments!


What you get:

  • Special Pricing on Spinergy "KING OF GRAVEL" Factory Team Package, which includes:
  1. Special Factory Edition GXX wheels.
  2. Our new custom Spinergy Factory Team kit.
  3. Spinergy branded padded double wheel bag.
  4. Spinergy socks.