We started OpiCure Foundation with hopes to bring more education and awareness to the opioid epidemic. Sadly, we lost our cousin to a heroin overdose in 2018 and wanted to try and change that story by using the bike as a recovery tool. Roughly 2020 was when we secured our official 501 (c)(3) non profit status and began OpiCure Foundation. For two years we sponsored 3 individuals in active recovery with our Rider in Recovery Program. The Rider in Recovery Program was made possible by all our wonderful partners. Riders were provided: Bikes, wheels, kit, helmets, sunglasses, nutrition, entry to races, training from coaches, flights, hotel, food at races, community and a real sense of what the bicycle can do for living an overall healthier life. We are all so proud of each of our riders who participated in the program.  They all exemplified how the bicycle can be a tool for recovery.



I first got into cycling when our dad brought home road bikes one day during the Tour de France. I started to ride and fell in love. I didn’t start to really racing until college, however. I was an athlete in soccer and waterpolo and wanted to finish those until I graduated high school. I attended Fort Lewis College and fully jumped into racing. Those were some of the best times. I spent 8 seasons racing at the UCI Continental level and then made the switch to Gravel. No more team cars meant I had to take care of my bike and learn how to be a mechanic.   I’m still very green in that department. Today Cullen and I both run OpiCure Foundation and race some of the biggest gravel events in the US and abroad.  



I also found the bicycle when our dad brought home road bikes after watching the Tour de France during the US Postal craze. I fell in love with the freedom and limitless exploring you could do when seated on two wheels. During nursing school I raced alongside Griffin at many collegiate races and our passion to race together in the future was born. We spent the majority of our careers racing together professionally on the same teams experiencing races like Tour of Utah and La Vuelta a Colombia to name a few. We have a special bond which brings the best of him and the best out of me when we are training and racing together. Today we both run OpiCure Foundation (while I also work full-time night shifts as an Emergency Department Nurse) and race gravel in the hopes to showcase the positive impacts a bicycle can play as a recovery tool for individuals battling opioid use disorder. 



We are focusing on education and awareness with a full calendar of racing. We try to connect with people at the races to educate and promote the bicycle as a recovery tool. At the end of the year, November, we are holding a fundraising ride in the Santa Monica Mountains. The ride will be called Relentless. The goal is to complete as many laps under the hour on the hour until we can no longer complete.  It will be a grueling challenge, but our hope is to have as many people come and join us to spread awareness, raise money and stand up for opioid addiction. Keep an eye out for more details in the coming months. Finally we have a Canyon Grail bike giveaway provided by Belgian Waffle Ride and Monuments of Cycling open which closes July 26th. The more entries you buy the more chances you have at winning a beautiful new Canyon Gravel bike.

All proceeds go to OpiCure Foundation and help with the mission of raising awareness/education and showcase the positive benefits of incorporating the bicycle as a recovery tool for individuals who struggle with opioid use disorder.



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